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    Player of the Month Prizes/Mechanics

    Admin Zic

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    Player of the Month Prizes/Mechanics

    Post  Admin Zic on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:00 am

    MOD Despereaux / GM Zic wrote:
    Player of the Month:

    The Mechanics : All Top 1 to 20 on PVP LADDER is the player can join of this event but the top 1 is twice to beat...,And you can use Mini/Mvp Boss card and all items/pots.

    Game format : This is Last Man Standing Match.( 1 winner )

    This game will be played every end of the month of ( 29 )

    Player of the Month Prizes

    The Player will be rewarded :
    30 pcs bronze Coins + 100 Potato Coins + 20 Box of YGG and 20pcs Elite Siege Supply Boxes., And the Player Of The Month Dedicated Head Gear.

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