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    Guild of the Month Rules and Mechanics

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    Guild of the Month Rules and Mechanics

    Post  Admin Alpha on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:28 pm

    Official Rules for our GOTM event:

    - Only items From our GOTM RPC Item Mall are allowed to use during GOTM Event .

    - You provide your own cards to be use.

    - All items are only allowed up to +4 refine.

    - Boss / Mini Boss and Unfrozen Cards ( Marc / EvilDruid ) are not allowed.

    - All Donation items are not allowed.

    - Some Coins items like Black Vesper Mask and White Lion Hat are not allowed.

    - Other Coin Items are allowed.

    - Only 9 members per Guild is required to participate.

    - Ygg Berry and Seeds are not allowed..

    - No Repeating of jobs.

    - No Using of Ressurection Skills.

    - Sprint Items Set is Not Allowed

    - Soul linker buffs is NOT ALLOWED

    - Status FOODS are NOT ALLOWED

    - All participant must be Online/Ready 1 Hour before the Event Starts.


    Each Player of the winning Guild will recieve :

    50 PeRO Coins + 30 Box of YGG Berry + Special GOTM Hat
    + Bragging Rights

    Please Follow The Rules
    Good Luck !

    Rules and Mechanics provided and as proposed by MOD Despereaux
    All information stated is not final and changes may happen. Thank you!

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