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    Rules to Abide

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    Rules to Abide

    Post  Admin Alpha on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:37 am

    In-Game Rules:

    » Do not use or abuse any Botting, Hacking, or 3rd Party Programs.
    » Do not use any bugs and glitches to your advantage and personal gain.
    In addition, all bugs must be reported to the admin ASAP.If you are
    found abusing a bug, you will be punished without warning.
    » Do not impersonate the Game Masters or other players.
    » Do not vend or leave AFK chats in the middle of Prontera.
    » Please vend on the side streets of Prontera.
    » Chat pub must be 2 cells away from the NPC.
    » Cheating your kill streak is strictly prohibited.
    » Do not advertise other Ragnarok servers, online games, sites, or
    hacking programs.
    » Do not insult, or degrade Potato Extreme RO. If you have an issue,
    please bring it to a GM's attention privately.
    » Take responsibility for your items and accounts.

    Game Master Related Rules:

    » Game Masters will never ask for your username/password, items, etc...
    » Game Masters will never give away zeny, items, or assist players in
    any unfair way.
    » Do not ask to become a Game Master.
    » Respect all Game Masters' authority no matter who you are or how long
    you played on this server.
    » Game Masters will not accept any bribery.

    Player Related Rules:

    » Respect other players at all times.
    » Harassment, sexism, racism, and discrimination will NOT be tolerated.
    » Do not scam other players for their item, zeny, account information, etc.
    » MVP monsters are free-for-all, meaning kill stealing and looting rules do
    not apply to MVP monsters.
    » Players are not allowed to sell their accounts, items, or characters for
    money, items or favors outside of Potato Extreme RO.
    » Players are not allowed to provoke or encourage dramatic behavior.

    War of Emperium Rules:

    » Do not trade other players within woe maps or castles.
    » Do not vend inside of woe maps or castles.
    » Do not create chatrooms inside woe maps or castles.

    PVP Rules:

    » If you come to PVP, expect to fight.
    » Good sportsmanship is encouraged within the PVP arena, as well as
    throughout the rest of the server.

    Player/Staff Accountability:

    » The Staff is not accountable for misplaced items, or otherwise
    lost due to a mistake on the player's part.
    » Players are accountable/responsible for their account information.
    The admin will not reimburse stolen or lost items.
    » The Staff is accountable for all or any actions if they ever need
    to sign into any player's account to resolve an issue that a player
    is having on their account. All actions will be logged and required
    to be reported immediately to the admin.
    » Players are held accountable for all actions made on their in-game
    and forum accounts.
    » Each individual player is responsible for his or her own passwords
    and accounts. I do not reset, change, or give out forgotten passwords
    for any reason whatsoever. Either figure out your own password or
    make a new account.


    The Potato Extreme RO staff are fair people. We do not tolerate favoritism
    for that does not exist to us. All we ask is your respect for the rules and be
    responsible with your accounts. Have fun playing guys!

    -Admin Alpha

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